Personal Loans: All You Need To Know

From time to time, people need a little extra help. Sometimes we have a goal we wish to achieve but do not have the resources. It is in those moments when we find someone that can help us.

Posted by admin - February 10, 2018

Personal Loans: All You Need To Know

From time to time, people need a little extra help. Sometimes we have a goal we wish to achieve but do not have the resources. It is in those moments when we find someone that can help us. Loans are financial help to achieve a goal. Even if a person has a stable financial life, they will need loans for certain situations. They could try to get the loan from a bank, loan store or another person. Most people consider that loans are a bad decision since it means a debt. On the contrary, people could use personal loans to their advantage. When it comes to our finances, smart decisions are necessary.

What Is A Personal Loan?

Personal loans are granted to individuals. A client ask for certain amount of money. Based on their credit record and other factors, the lender approves the loan or not. Personal loans are different to regular loans. These could be used to pay a medical bill, tuitions, house renovations or small purchases. The amount of money people get through personal loans is not enough to buy a house or land.

Who Can Give Me A Personal Loan?

Banks created personal loans for clients that are not eligible for regular loans. Another lending establishment also offer personal loans to their clients. Loan stores are businesses that lend money to individuals. Each store has its own policies. The payment conditions in a store could be different than in a bank. If you are not eligible for a loan from a bank, try a private establishment.

Why Should I Take A Personal Loan?

Have a medical bill to pay? Do you have to pay for your son’s tuition? Personal loans are ideal for you. People get many payment options. Unlike payday loans, clients do not need to pay within the week. Regular loans have many requirements. Personal loans are good for clients that have a small situation and they need a specific amount. If you are trying to buy any kind of property, you need to get a regular loan. Before you try to get a loan, make sure you will be able to pay on time. Even paying one day later will generate interest. Personal loans could also be a way to improve your credit record. A good credit record shows that a client will meet their responsibilities. Getting a loan and paying on time will do wonders for your record.

Secured Personal Loans

There are two types of personal loans. The first type are the secured personal loans. The lender will receive the title of an asset as collateral. It means that if the client fails to pay the loan, the lenders gets to keep the asset. The value of the asset will determine the amount of the loan. Houses, cars and property qualify as collateral for a loan. If the asset has high value, the lender will offer a higher amount. Unsecured Loans The second type are the unsecured personal loans. Clients that take unsecured personal loans do not have any assets. All they have to offer is their creditworthiness. Unsecured personal loans are not easy to obtain. The clients must fulfill a long list of requirements. The amount of the loans tend to be lower. The bank is not entirely sure the client can repay, so they do not risk it with big loans. Failing to repay a personal loan will affect anyone’s credit record permanently.

Secured Vs Unsecured

If a person has an asset, can they choose not to secure the loan? Of course but then they risk receiving a denial from the bank. Each type of personal loan has an advantage.

  • Secured: The client has more time to repay the bank. The list of requirements is shorter. The amounts of money tend to be higher and the repayment options more flexible. The downside is that if a client fails to pay, they will lose their asset.
If you own any type of asset and you are sure about your payment capacities, secure your loan.
  • Unsecured: The list of requirements is longer. Without a collateral, the bank will not grant high amounts. The repayment period is short. The interest and fees could be higher than the regular. Clients that do not repay in time will not lose their assets. However, this will be reflected in their personal credit record. A bad credit record could be the reason for future denials of loans.

Improving A Credit Record

Improving your credit record is not an easy task. Anyone that wishes to have financial stability should start by improving their record. There are multiple ways to do it. One is by asking for a loan on a bank. If you repay successfully the loan, it will reflect on your record. This is a good measure that could backfire if you do not plan properly. Creating a budget is the best way to repay your debts. Personal loans are a good tool that you should not abuse. If you have an approved loan, do not try to get another at the same time. Use personal loans to your advantage. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions. Financial stability is possible with personal loans.